With the foundation of the first GIZEH factory in Cologne in 1920, the company demonstrated its remarkable intuition for key trends. Self-rolled cigarettes were the first choice for everyone seeking cost-conscious enjoyment. Even in those days, the name GIZEH was already essential to the brand’s success. At the time, the Egyptian world and its symbols stood for a yearning for freedom, sensuality and imagination. The logo with the sphinx and pyramids symbolised the mysteries of the Orient, which fascinated many consumers.


After the Second World War, the entire production was relocated to Gummersbach, having suffered severe damage in Cologne. This is where the next phase began, a time of construction when GIZEH became part of the postwar Wirtschaftswunder or economic miracle. Rolling with papers was quite naturally one of the typical pleasures enjoyed during the post-war years. As new consumer habits developed, GIZEH continuously expanded its product range with new papers, rolling filters, filter tubes and accessories, developing numerous innovations that have established themselves very successfully on the market. We have been winning over consumers with our quality and variety to this day. This is the aspiration with which the company has become a successful brand in over 80 countries around the world. Having begun in 1920, even after 100 years, GIZEH has preserved a tradition of making special moments time after time.

Phoenicia Fereos Hellas is the official distributor of Gizeh in Greece.

Phoenicia Fereos Hellas S.A. (PFH S.A.) has been active in the Greek tobacco market since 2007, importing and distributing fine tobacco products with an emphasis on handmade cigars.

PFH is the exclusive and official distributor of Habanos Cuban cigars, which are considered by the ubiquitous cigar afficionados to be the finest in the world of cigars.

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