The story of VegaFina

VegaFina was launched in Spain, 1998 by the Tabacalera company who are situated in the Dominican Republic.

A massive international distributor, Tabacalera had an idea about what people wanted from a cigar.

Well-constructed, good flavour and most of all a good price, that’s what the people want.

And so they set about creating a new range, the VegaFina or “Finest Fields”, to satiate this part of the market.

Today the brand dominates many markets such as Spain, Germany and the USA and shows no signs of slowing down. Vegafina cigars come in 4 different series:

  • Vegafina Classic
  • Vegafina Fortaleza 2
  • Vegafina Nicaragua
  • Vegafina 1998

Phoenicia Fereos Hellas is the official distributor of VegaFina Cigars in Greece

Phoenicia Fereos Hellas S.A. (PFH S.A.) has been active in the Greek tobacco market since 2007, importing and distributing fine tobacco products with an emphasis on handmade cigars.

PFH is the exclusive and official distributor of Habanos Cuban cigars, which are considered by the ubiquitous cigar afficionados to be the finest in the world of cigars.

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